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neil The Legacy Award was created in 2011. It formally recognizes the outstanding efforts of society members that have shown long term commitment, executive performance, and a significant contribution to shaping the ERAS to what it has become today. The very first recipient of the award is the society's founding member, Neil Tyreman.

Neil grew up in Alberta and moved to BC for several years before moving back to Alberta to attend the University of Alberta. He graduated in 1989 with a B.Sc. degree specializing in Zoology. His wife, Doris, met Neil in 1987 and she bought him his first reptile, a wild-caught ball python, in 1988 as an anniversary gift.

Neil and Doris founded the Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society in the summer of 1994. They decided to try to get a society going in Edmonton because they thought it would be beneficial to be able to interact and exchange ideas and information with other people in the area who were also interested in reptiles and amphibians. This was before the widespread use of the internet so there was limited information available on keeping reptiles in captivity so having a local society seemed an important way of acquiring the help needed to properly care for their animals.

Neil has served the society as president for 7 terms (1994-1996, 1998-1999, 2008-2009), unofficially as treasurer in times of need during the first 5 years of the society's existence (1994-1998) as well as officially in 2010 and as the newsletter editor from 1995-2000. He has been an ERAS member for the past 16 years!

Over the years Neil has kept many different species of reptiles and amphibians and has successfully bred 5 species of snakes and 19 species of lizards, including 16 different species of geckos!